About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make renewable energy an economical and logical energy source while proving that solar technology is a smart, feasible choice for your power needs.

Our Story

Luke Phelps, owner of Red Barn Solar, has always had two passions: helping people and entrepreneurship. Several years ago, Luke started looking into renewable energy, but the cost at the time was not feasible to see a good return on investment. However, the cost of materials has dropped considerably in recent years, opening up new possibilities. In 2017, Luke was able to combine his two greatest passions with the creation of Red Barn Solar.

We are proud of our dedicated staff and superior service. Business has been soaring and growing fast, with most of our growth coming from word of mouth and referrals from happy customers. If you have not looked into solar, now is the time to see what you can do for your bottom line and our environment.

“My wife & I are very happy with Red Barn Solar, the crew installed our unit in a timely matter and were easy to work with.”

- Duane, Resident Solar Customer


Common Questions

+ How does net metering work with your electric company?

Electrical companies will either look at your energy usage over the whole year (called annual net metering) or month-by-month (monthly net metering). If your electrical company does yearly net metering, then we size your solar system so the excess power you make in the summer can be credited to you in the winter months. For monthly net metering, each month is measured individually so your excess solar power can only be credited to you the same month it was produced. We can accommodate the size of your system to give you the most cost benefits based on which type of metering your electrical company requires.

+ Will my solar system still work on cloudy days?

Yes, but production will be hindered based on the amount of cloud cover.

+ Can I attach my solar system to a battery? Will you provide that service?

You can add a battery system to your solar array, but until batteries become more cost effective and reliable, we do not offer that service.

+ What are the benefits of a ground mount vs. a roof mount?

Ground mount systems allow easier access to wiring for repairs. These systems also have a higher output since panels can be placed at an optimal tilt and cool faster due to greater airflow. Roof mounts use your existing roof structure as a foundation, making them less expensive. However, due to the extra weight, roof mounts may require some extra reinforcements. Roof mounts are usually only used when space is limited.

+ What is the maintenance on my solar system?

Little to no maintenance is required. Random checks of the monitoring system and a visual lookover is usually all that is needed to make sure it's operational. It can be beneficial to your solar production to sweep off any snow or dust that has accumulated on your solar panels.

+ How do I monitor my solar system usage?

Most inverters have online monitoring websites. Once your system is connected to your Internet, you can view output and other things through these websites.

+ What do I do if I see something wrong with my solar system on my monitor?

Most of the time it is the internet connection that is down, occasionally it is the website that is down and, rarely, equipment is not working or down.

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