Common Questions

+ How does net metering work with your electric company?

To explain simply, we try to offset your kWh usage with Solar production. The math on this varies from electric company to electric company depending on their terms. Usually, monthly net metering or annual net metering are the most come options, and do change the size of solar system that you need.

+ Will my solar system still work on cloudy days?

Yes, but production will be hindered some based on how much cloud cover.

+ Can I attach my solar system to a battery? Will you provide that service?

You can add a battery system to your solar array, but until batteries become more cost effective and reliable, we do not offer that service.

+ What are the benefits of a ground mount vs. a roof mount?

Ground mount system allows easy access to wiring for repairs. Ground mount systems also have a higher output because of cooling faster and optimal tilt. Roof mount is usually only used when space is limited.

+ What is the maintenance on my solar system?

Little to no maintenance is required. Random checks to make sure it is operating and just checking it over is usually all that is needed.

+ How do I monitor my solar system usage?

Most inverters have online monitoring websites. Once your system is connected to your internet, you can view output and many other things that help with keeping an update on your system.

+ What do I do if I see something wrong with my solar system on my monitor?

Most of the time it is the internet connection that is down, occasionally it is the website that is down and, rarely, equipment is not working or down.